Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook by Stephen Fry

“preserve playing,” Ron warned Harry as they slipped out of the cloak and crept towards the trapdoor. They could consider the dog’s sizzling, stinky breath as they approached the giant heads. “I feel we will be equipped to pull the door open,” stated Ron, peering over the dog’s again. “want to go first, Hermione?”

“No, i don’t!”

“All right.” Ron gritted his teeth and stepped carefully over the canine’s legs. He bent and pulled the ring of the trapdoor, which swung up and open.

“What are you able to see?” Hermione mentioned anxiously.

“Nothing — just black — there isn’t any method of mountaineering down, we are going to simply have to drop.”

Harry, who was once nonetheless playing the flute, waved at Ron to get his attention and pointed at himself.

“you need to go first? Are you certain?” mentioned Ron. “I do not know how deep this thing goes. Provide the flute to Hermione so she will be able to keep him asleep.”

Harry surpassed the flute over. In the few seconds’ silence, the dog growled and twitched, however the second Hermione began to play, it fell back into its deep sleep.

Harry climbed over it and regarded down by means of the trapdoor. There was once no signal of the backside.

He diminished himself through the hole except he was once placing on by means of his fingertips. Then he regarded up at Ron and said, “If anything occurs to me, do not follow. Go straight to the owlery and ship Hedwig to Dumbledore, proper?”

“correct,” mentioned Ron.

“See you in a minute, i’m hoping…

And Harry let go. Bloodless, damp air rushed past him as he fell down, down, down and — FLUMP. With a humorous, muffled style of thump he landed on something delicate. He sat up and felt around, his eyes not used to the gloom. It felt as though he used to be sitting on some variety of plant.

“it can be k!” he called up to the light the size of a postage stamp, which was once the open trapdoor, “it’s a tender touchdown, that you would be able to soar!”

Ron followed right away. He landed, sprawled next to Harry.

“What’s these items?” had been his first phrases.

“Dunno, some variety of plant factor. I think it is here to break the autumn.

Come on, Hermione!”

The far-off music stopped. There used to be a loud bark from the canine, but Hermione had already jumped. She landed on Harry’s different part.

“We have to be miles under the tuition , she mentioned.

“lucky this plant factor’s here, quite,” said Ron.

“fortunate!” shrieked Hermione. “appear at you each!”

She leapt up and struggled toward a humid wall. She had to struggle in view that the second she had landed, the plant had began to curl snakelike tendrils around her ankles. As for Harry and Ron, their legs had already been bound tightly in long creepers with out their noticing.

Hermione had managed to free herself before the plant acquired a organization grip on her. Now she watched in horror as the two boys fought to drag the plant off them, but the extra they strained towards it, the tighter and faster the plant wound round them.

“stop relocating!” Hermione ordered them. “i know what that is — it can be satan’s Snare!”

“Oh, i’m so completely happy we know what it’s known as, that is a pleasant aid,” snarled Ron, leaning back, seeking to discontinue the plant from curling round his neck. “Shut up, i’m looking to take into account learn how to kill it!” mentioned Hermione.

“good, hurry up, I are not able to breathe!” Harry gasped, wrestling with it as it curled round his chest.

“devil’s Snare, satan’s Snare… What did Professor Sprout say? — it likes the dark and the damp “So mild a fire!” Harry choked.

“sure — of direction — however there’s no timber!” Hermione cried, wringing her palms.

“have you ever long past MAD?” Ron bellowed. “ARE YOU A WITCH OR not?”

“Oh, proper!” mentioned Hermione, and she whipped out her wand, waved it, muttered anything, and sent a jet of the same bluebell flames she had used on Snape on the plant. In a subject of seconds, the two boys felt it loosening its grip because it cringed away from the light and warmness.

Wriggling and flailing, it unraveled itself from their bodies, and they had been ready to tug free.

“fortunate you pay concentration in Herbology, Hermione,” said Harry as he joined her through the wall, wiping sweat off his face.

“Yeah,” mentioned Ron, “and lucky Harry does not lose his head in a situation — ‘there is no wooden,’ truthfully.”

“this manner,” stated Harry, pointing down a stone passageway, which used to be the only means forward.