Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook by Stephen Fry

“All proper -please.”

“NOTHING! Ha haaa! Advised you i would not say nothing when you did not say please! Ha ha! Haaaaaa!” and so they heard the sound of Peeves whooshing away and Filch cursing in rage.

“He thinks this door is locked,” Harry whispered. “I believe we’ll be okay — get off, Neville!” For Neville had been tugging on the sleeve of Harry’s bathrobe for the final minute. “What?”

Harry became round — and saw, really naturally, what. For a moment, he was once sure he’d walked into a nightmare — this used to be an excessive amount of, on high of the whole thing that had occurred so far.

They weren’t in a room, as he had supposed. They have been in a hall. The forbidden hall on the third floor. And now they knew why it used to be forbidden.

They have been watching straight into the eyes of a immense canine, a canine that stuffed the entire space between ceiling and floor. It had three heads.

Three pairs of rolling, mad eyes; three noses, twitching and quivering in their course; three drooling mouths, saliva placing in slippery ropes from yellowish fangs.

It was once standing particularly nonetheless, all six eyes staring at them, and Harry knew that the one rationale they weren’t already dead was once that their sudden look had taken it via surprise, however it was speedily getting over that, there used to be no mistaking what these thunderous growls intended.

Harry groped for the doorknob — between Filch and demise, he’d take Filch.

They fell backward — Harry slammed the door shut, and they ran, they virtually flew, go into reverse the corridor. Filch need to have hurried off to appear for them someplace else, considering that they failed to see him anywhere, however they hardly cared — all they wanted to do was put as much space as feasible between them and that monster. They did not stop going for walks until they reached the portrait of the fat woman on the seventh ground.

“the place on the planet have you ever all been?” she requested, watching at their bathrobes placing off their shoulders and their flushed, sweaty faces.

“never intellect that — pig snout, pig snout,” panted Harry, and the portrait swung ahead. They scrambled into the common room and collapsed, trembling, into armchairs.

It was once a whilst before any of them mentioned something. Neville, certainly, regarded as if he’d not ever communicate once more.

“What do they think they are doing, keeping a thing like that locked up in a school?” stated Ron ultimately. “If any canine desires pastime, that one does.”

Hermione had acquired each her breath and her bad temper back once more. “you don’t use your eyes, any of you, do you?” she snapped. “didn’t you see what it was standing on.

“the floor?” Harry recommended. “I wasn’t looking at its ft, I was once too busy with its heads.”

“No, now not the ground. It was once standing on a trapdoor. It is obviously guarding something.”

She stood up, glaring at them.

I am hoping you’re pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed — or worse, expelled. Now, for those who do not mind, i’ll bed.”

Ron stared after her, his mouth open.

“No, we do not mind,” he said. “you’d feel we dragged her alongside, would not you.

However Hermione had given Harry something else to consider about as he climbed again into mattress. The dog was guarding some thing…. What had Hagrid said? Gringotts used to be the safest location on the planet for anything you desired to hide — except perhaps Hogwarts.

It appeared as though Harry had discovered the place the grubby littie bundle from vault 700 and 13 was once.



Malfoy couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that Harry and Ron had been nonetheless at Hogwarts tomorrow, looking worn out however flawlessly cheerful.

Indeed, by way of the following morning Harry and Ron thought that meeting the three-headed canine had been an excellent adventure, and they were quite keen to have one more one. Meanwhile, Harry crammed Ron in concerning the package deal that seemed to have been moved from Gringotts to Hogwarts, and they spent a variety of time questioning what could potentially want such heavy defense. “it can be either really priceless or quite dangerous,” said Ron.

“Or each,” stated Harry.

However as all they knew for definite in regards to the mysterious object was once that it was once about two inches long, they did not have so much chance of guessing what it was with out additional clues.

Neither Neville nor Hermione confirmed the slightest interest in what lay beneath the dog and the trapdoor. All Neville cared about was certainly not going close the dog again.

Hermione used to be now refusing to speak to Harry and Ron, but she used to be this type of bossy recognize-it-all that they noticed this as an brought bonus. All they really wanted now was once a method of getting again at Malfoy, and to their nice pleasure, simply this kind of thing arrived within the mail a few week later.

Because the owls flooded into the nice hall as typical, everybody’s attention was once caught directly via a protracted, skinny package carried via six huge screech owls. Harry was just as as each person else to see what was once in this massive parcel, and was once amazed when the owls soared down and dropped it right in entrance of him, knocking his Bacon to the floor. They had hardly fluttered out of the best way when an extra owl dropped a letter on prime of the parcel.

Harry ripped open the letter first, which used to be lucky, in view that it said: don’t OPEN THE PARCEL on the desk.

It includes your new Nimbus Two Thousand, however I don’t need everybody figuring out you have acquired a broomstick or they are going to all need one. Oliver wood will meet you tonight on the Quidditch area at seven o’clock on your first coaching session.

Professor McGonagall Harry had main issue hiding his glee as he passed the observe to Ron to learn.

“A Nimbus Two Thousand!” Ron moaned enviously. “I’ve under no circumstances even touched one.”

They left the corridor swiftly, looking to unwrap the broomstick in private earlier than their top quality, but midway throughout the entrance corridor they discovered the way upstairs barred by Crabbe and Goyle. Malfoy seized the bundle from Harry and felt it.

“that’s a broomstick,” he mentioned, throwing it again to Harry with a combination of jealousy and spite on his face. “you’ll be in for it this time, Potter, first years aren’t allowed them.”

Ron could not face up to it.

“it can be now not any historical broomstick,” he stated, “it is a Nimbus Two Thousand.

What did you say you’ve received at dwelling, Malfoy, a Comet Two Sixty?” Ron grinned at Harry. “Comets appear flashy, however they are no longer in the equal league because the Nimbus.”

“What would you understand about it, Weasley, you could not afford half of the manage,” Malfoy snapped again. “I feel you and your brothers have got to save up twig by way of twig.”

before Ron would reply, Professor Flitwick seemed at Malfoy’s elbow.

“not arguing, i’m hoping, boys?” he squeaked.

“Potter’s been despatched a broomstick, Professor,” mentioned Malfoy rapidly.

“sure, sure, that is proper,” mentioned Professor Flitwick, beaming at Harry.

“Professor McGonagall told me all in regards to the detailed occasions, Potter. And what model is it?”

“A Nimbus Two Thousand, sit down,” mentioned Harry, combating not to snicker at the seem of horror on Malfoy’s face. “And it can be relatively thanks to Malfoy right here that I’ve received it,” he added.

Harry and Ron headed upstairs, smothering their laughter at Malfoy’s apparent rage and confusion. “well, it’s actual,” Harry chortled as they reached the top of the marble staircase, “If he hadn’t stolen Neville’s Remembrall I wouln’t be on the staff….”

“So I consider you feel that’s a reward for breaking ideas?” came an irritated voice from simply behind them. Hermione was once stomping up the steps, looking disapprovingly at the package in Harry’s hand.

“I concept you were not speakme to us?” stated Harry.

“sure, do not stop now,” mentioned Ron, “it is doing us so much just right.”

Hermione marched away together with her nostril in the air.

Harry had numerous quandary maintaining his intellect on his classes that day. It saved wandering as much as the dormitory the place his new broomstick was once mendacity beneath his bed, or straying off to the Quidditch subject where he’d be learning to play that night time. He bolted his dinner that evening with out noticing what he was eating, and then rushed upstairs with Ron to unwrap the Nimbus Two Thousand at last.

“Wow,” Ron sighed, as the broomstick rolled onto Harry’s bedspread.

Even Harry, who knew nothing in regards to the different brooms, idea it appeared distinctive. Smooth and shiny, with a mahogany handle, it had a protracted tail of neat, straight twigs and Nimbus Two Thousand written in gold near the highest.

As seven o’clock drew nearer, Harry left the fortress and prompt within the nightfall towards the Quidditch discipline. Held under no circumstances been throughout the stadium before. 1000’s of seats were raised in stands across the field so that the spectators have been excessive enough to look what was once happening. At both end of the area have been three golden poles with hoops on the top. They reminded Harry of the little plastic sticks Muggle children blew bubbles by way of, except that they were fifty toes high.

Too eager to fly once more to look ahead to timber, Harry installed his broomstick and kicked off from the bottom. What a feeling — he swooped inside and out of the intention posts after which speeded up and down the subject. The Nimbus Two Thousand grew to become anyplace he wanted at his lightest touch.

“hi there, Potter, come down!’ Oliver wooden had arrived. Fie was carrying a huge wood crate underneath his arm. Harry landed subsequent to him.

“Very excellent,” said wooden, his eyes glinting. “I see what McGonagall supposed… You really are a usual. I am just going to train you the principles this evening, then you can be becoming a member of crew apply thrice per week.”

He opened the crate. Within had been four distinct-sized balls.

“correct,” stated wooden. “Now, Quidditch is handy adequate to fully grasp, even if it’s now not too handy to play. There are seven players on each and every aspect.

Three of them are called Chasers.”

“Three Chasers,” Harry repeated, as wooden took out a vibrant purple ball concerning the dimension of a soccer ball.

“This ball’s known as the Quaffle,” mentioned timber. “The Chasers throw the Quaffle to each other and check out and get it through one of the most hoops to score a purpose. Ten facets at any time when the Quaffle goes by means of one of the hoops. Follow me?”

“The Chasers throw the Quaffle and put it through the hoops to attain,”

Harry recited. “So — that is variety of like basketball on broomsticks with six hoops, isn’t it?”

“What’s basketball?” said timber curiously. “on no account intellect,” mentioned Harry quickly.

“Now, there’s one other participant on every aspect who’s known as the Keeper -i’m Keeper for Gryffindor. I must fly round our hoops and discontinue the opposite team from scoring.”

“Three Chasers, one Keeper,” mentioned Harry, who was determined to do not forget it all. “and they play with the Quaffle. K, obtained that. So what are they for?” He pointed at the three balls left throughout the box.

“i’m going to show you now,” stated timber. “Take this.”

He passed Harry a small membership, somewhat like a short baseball bat.

“i will show you what the Bludgers do,” wooden stated. “These two are the Bludgers.”

He confirmed Harry two same balls, jet black and rather smaller than the crimson Quaffle. Harry seen that they looked to be straining to flee the straps conserving them inside the box.

“Stand back,” wooden warned Harry. He bent down and freed one of the Bludgers.

Directly, the black ball rose high within the air after which pelted straight at Harry’s face. Harry swung at it with the bat to stop it from breaking his nose, and despatched it zigzagging away into the air — it zoomed around their heads after which shot at wood, who dived on prime of it and managed to pin it to the ground.

“See?” wooden panted, forcing the struggling Bludger again into the crate and strapping it down safely. “The Bludgers rocket around, trying to knock avid gamers off their brooms. That’s why you could have two Beaters on each and every team — the Weasley twins are ours — it is their job to preserve their part from the Bludgers and take a look at and knock them towards the other group. So — think you’ve gotten acquired all that?”

“Three Chasers try to rating with the Quaffle; the Keeper guards the intention posts; the Beaters hold the Bludgers faraway from their team,” Harry reeled off.

“excellent,” mentioned timber.

“Er — have the Bludgers ever killed anybody?” Harry asked, hoping he sounded offhand.

“certainly not at Hogwarts. We now have had a couple of damaged jaws however nothing worse than that. Now, the last member of the crew is the Seeker. That is you. And you don’t must worry about the Quaffle or the Bludgers unless they crack my head open.”

“don’t worry, the Weasleys are more than a match for the Bludgers — I mean, they are like a pair of human Bludgers themselves.”

wood reached into the crate and took out the fourth and final ball.

In comparison with the Quaffle and the Bludgers, it used to be tiny, concerning the measurement of a huge walnut. It used to be shiny gold and had little fluttering silver wings.

“This,” said wooden, “is the Golden Snitch, and it can be the essential ball of the lot. It’s very difficult to seize on the grounds that it can be so speedy and complex to peer. It’s the Seeker’s job to seize it. You’ve acquired to weave inside and outside of the Chasers, Beaters, Bludgers, and Quaffle to get it before the other workforce’s Seeker, on the grounds that whichever Seeker catches the Snitch wins his group an additional hundred and fifty elements, so that they practically consistently win. That’s why Seekers get fouled a lot. A sport of Quidditch only ends when the Snitch is caught, so it can go on for a while — I think the file is three months, they needed to keep bringing on substitutes so the players might get some sleep. “well, that’s it — any questions?”

Harry shook his head. He understood what he had to do all right, it was once doing it that was once going to be the challenge.

“We won’t observe with the Snitch yet,” stated wood, cautiously shutting it again inside the crate, “it is too darkish, we would lose it. Let’s are attempting you out with just a few of those.”

He pulled a bag of traditional golf balls out of his pocket and a few minutes later, he and Harry had been up in the air, timber throwing the golf balls as tough as he would in every path for Harry to capture.

Harry did not pass over a single one, and wood was delighted. After half an hour, night had fairly fallen and so they couldn’t lift on.

“That Quidditch cup’ll have our identify on it this yr,” mentioned wood fortunately as they trudged again as much as the fortress. “i would not be amazed in case you end up better than Charlie Weasley, and he might have performed for England if he hadn’t long past off chasing dragons.”

might be it was for the reason that he was once now so busy, what with Quidditch follow three evenings every week on prime of all his homework, however Harry would rarely believe it when he realized that he’d already been at Hogwarts two months. The citadel felt more like home than Privet pressure ever had. His classes, too, have been becoming more and more intriguing now that they had mastered the basics.

On Halloween morning they woke to the delicious scent of baking pumpkin wafting by means of the corridors. Even higher, Professor Flitwick introduced in Charms that he concept they were capable to start making objects fly, anything they’d all been dying to check out for the reason that they’d obvious him make Neville’s toad zoom around the study room. Professor Flitwick put the category into pairs to follow. Harry’s companion used to be Seamus Finnigan (which was once a remedy, on account that Neville had been seeking to capture his eye). Ron, nonetheless, was once to be working with Hermione Granger. It was rough to tell whether Ron or Hermione used to be angrier about this. She hadn’t spoken to both of them because the day Harry’s broomstick had arrived.

“Now, take into account that great wrist motion now we have been training!”

squeaked Professor Flitwick, perched on prime of his pile of book (harry potter and the philosopher’s stone audiobook online) as natural. “Swish and flick, don’t forget, swish and flick. And pronouncing the magic phrases safely could be very predominant, too — under no circumstances forget Wizard Baruffio, who said ‘s’ alternatively of ‘f’ and discovered himself on the ground with a buffalo on his chest.”

It was very complicated. Harry and Seamus swished and flicked, however the feather they have been speculated to be sending skyward simply lay on the desktop. Seamus bought so impatient that he prodded it together with his wand and set fireplace to it — Harry needed to put it out together with his hat.

Ron, on the next desk, wasn’t having far more luck.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” he shouted, waving his long fingers like a windmill.

“you’re saying it fallacious,” Harry heard Hermione snap. “it’s Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the ‘gar’ high-quality and lengthy.”

“You do it, then, if you’re so clever,” Ron tousled.

Hermione rolled up the sleeves of her robe, flicked her wand, and stated, “Wingardium Leviosa!”

Their feather rose off the desk and hovered about 4 ft above their heads.

“Oh, well achieved!” cried Professor Flitwick, clapping. “everyone see here, omit Granger’s achieved it!”

Ron was in an extraordinarily dangerous mood by the end of the class. “it’s no marvel no person can stand her,” he mentioned to Harry as they pushed their means into the crowded corridor, “she’s a nightmare, honestly. “

anyone knocked into Harry as they hurried past him. It used to be Hermione.

Harry caught a glimpse of her face — and was once startled to look that she used to be in tears.

“I suppose she heard you.”

“So?” stated Ron, however he appeared slightly uncomfortable. “She must’ve observed she’s got no buddies.”

Hermione failed to flip up for the following classification and wasn’t noticeable all afternoon. On their way right down to the quality hall for the Halloween feast, Harry and Ron overheard Parvati Patil telling her buddy Lavender that Hermione used to be crying in the ladies’ rest room and desired to be left by myself.

Ron regarded still extra awkward at this, however a second later they had entered the first-rate corridor, the place the Halloween decorations put Hermione out of their minds.

A thousand reside bats fluttered from the partitions and ceiling at the same time a thousand more swooped over the tables in low black clouds, making the candles within the pumpkins stutter. The feast seemed suddenly on the golden plates, because it had on the -of-term ceremonial dinner.

Harry used to be just serving to himself to a baked potato when Professor Quirrell came sprinting into the hall, his turban askew and terror on his face.

Each person stared as he reached Professor Dumbledore’s chair, slumped in opposition to the table, and gasped, “Troll — in the dungeons — suggestion you have got to comprehend.”

He then sank to the ground in a lifeless faint.

There was an uproar. It took a number of pink firecrackers exploding from the tip of Professor Dumbledore’s wand to deliver silence.

“Prefects,” he rumbled, “lead your residences again to the dormitories immediately!”

Percy was once in his element.

“follow me! Stick collectively, first years! No have to fear the troll for those who comply with my orders! Stay close at the back of me, now. Make manner, first years coming via! Excuse me, i’m a prefect!”

“How would a troll get in?” Harry asked as they climbed the stairs.

“don’t question me, they’re purported to be relatively silly,” said Ron. “probably Peeves let it in for a Halloween joke.”

They passed distinctive organizations of humans hurrying in specific recommendations.

As they jostled their means through a crowd of harassed Hufflepuffs, Harry immediately grabbed Ron’s arm.

“I’ve just thought — Hermione.”

“What about her?”

“She would not know concerning the troll.”

Ron bit his lip.

“Oh, all proper,” he snapped. “however Percy’d higher now not see us.”

Ducking down, they joined the Hufflepuffs going the other way, slipped down a abandoned facet hall, and hurried off toward the ladies’ toilet. They had simply turned the nook after they heard speedy footsteps at the back of them.

“Percy!” hissed Ron, pulling Harry in the back of a giant stone griffin.

Peering round it, however, they noticed no longer Percy however Snape. He crossed the hall and disappeared from view.

“What’s he doing?” Harry whispered. “Why isn’t he down in the dungeons with the rest of the academics?”

“Search me.”

Quietly as viable, they crept along the following corridor after Snape’s fading footsteps.

“he is heading for the 0.33 flooring,” Harry said, however Ron held up his hand.

“are you able to smell anything?”

Harry sniffed and a foul stench reached his nostrils, a blend of historic socks and the sort of public toilet no person seems to scrub.

And then they heard it — a low grunting, and the shuffling footfalls of giant toes. Ron pointed — on the end of a passage to the left, some thing colossal used to be moving toward them. They shrank into the shadows and watched because it emerged into a patch of moonlight.

It was once a horrible sight. Twelve feet tall, its dermis used to be a stupid, granite gray, its nice lumpy physique like a boulder with its small bald head perched on high like a coconut. It had short legs thick as tree trunks with flat, horny toes. The scent coming from it was once fantastic. It used to be retaining a massive wooden membership, which dragged alongside the floor in view that its palms had been so long.

The troll stopped subsequent to a doorway and peered inside of. It waggled its lengthy ears, making up its tiny intellect, then slouched slowly into the room.

“The keys in the lock,” Harry muttered. “We could lock it in.”

“excellent concept,” stated Ron nervously.

They edged toward the open door, mouths dry, praying the troll wasn’t about to come out of it. With one excellent jump, Harry managed to seize the key, slam the door, and lock it.


Flushed with their victory, they began to run again up the passage, but as they reached the corner they heard something that made their hearts discontinue — a high, petrified scream — and it was coming from the chamber they’d simply chained up.

“Oh, no,” stated Ron, pale as the Bloody Baron.

“it can be the women’ lavatory!” Harry gasped.

“Hermione!” they stated together.

It was the last factor they wanted to do, however what alternative did they’ve? Wheeling around, they sprinted back to the door and grew to become the key, fumbling of their panic. Harry pulled the door open and they ran within.

Hermione Granger was once shrinking against the wall reverse, watching as if she was about to faint. The troll was advancing on her, knocking the sinks off the walls because it went.

“Confuse it!” Harry said desperately to Ron, and, seizing a faucet, he threw it as tough as he could towards the wall.

The troll stopped just a few ft from Hermione. It lumbered around, blinking stupidly, to peer what had made the noise. Its mean little eyes noticed Harry. It hesitated, then made for him alternatively, lifting its club as it went.

“Oy, pea-mind!” yelled Ron from the opposite facet of the chamber, and he threw a metallic pipe at it. The troll failed to even seem to detect the pipe hitting its shoulder, but it heard the yell and paused once more, turning its ugly snout toward Ron as an alternative, giving Harry time to run around it.

“Come on, run, run!” Harry yelled at Hermione, seeking to pull her toward the door, however she could not move, she used to be still flat in opposition to the wall, her mouth open with terror.

The shouting and the echoes gave the look to be riding the troll berserk. It roared again and started toward Ron, who used to be nearest and had no option to break out.

Harry then did anything that used to be each very brave and really stupid: He took a satisfactory walking jump and managed to fasten his fingers around the troll’s neck from behind. The troll could not suppose Harry putting there, but even a troll will discover when you stick a long little bit of wood up its nose, and Harry’s wand had nonetheless been in his hand when he’d jumped — it had long gone straight up one of the most troll’s nostrils.

Howling with anguish, the troll twisted and flailed its club, with Harry clinging on for dear life; any second, the troll used to be going to tear him off or capture him a terrible blow with the membership.

Hermione had sunk to the ground in fright; Ron pulled out his own wand — not figuring out what he was going to do he heard himself cry the primary spell that came into his head: “Wingardium Leviosa!”

The membership flew abruptly out of the troll’s hand, rose excessive, high up into the air, turned slowly over — and dropped, with a sickening crack, onto its owner’s head. The troll swayed on the spot after which fell flat on its face, with a thud that made the entire room tremble.

Harry got to his toes. He used to be shaking and out of breath. Ron was once standing there along with his wand nonetheless raised, staring at what he had achieved.

It was Hermione who spoke first.