Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook by Stephen Fry

“Turpin, Lisa,” grew to be a Ravenclaw after which it was once Ron’s turn. He was once faded inexperienced by using now. Harry crossed his fingers under the table and a second later the hat had shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!”

Harry clapped loudly with the leisure as Ron collapsed into the chair subsequent to him.

“well executed, Ron, exceptional,” stated Percy Weasley Pompously across Harry as “Zabini, Blaise,” was made a Slytherin. Professor McGonagall rolled up her scroll and took the Sorting Hat away.

Harry seemed down at his empty gold plate. He had most effective simply realized how hungry he was. The pumpkin pasties appeared ages ago.

Albus Dumbledore had gotten to his ft. He was beaming on the students, his palms opened extensive, as if nothing might have joyful him greater than to peer them all there.

“Welcome,” he stated. “Welcome to a new 12 months at Hogwarts! Earlier than we begin our banquet, I would like to say just a few words. And right here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! “thank you!”

He sat go into reverse. Every body clapped and cheered. Harry didn’t know whether to snicker or now not.

“Is he — just a little mad?” he requested Percy uncertainly.

“Mad?” mentioned Percy airily. “he’s a genius! Satisfactory wizard in the world! However he is a bit mad, sure. Potatoes, Harry?”

Harry’s mouth fell open. The dishes in front of him had been now piled with food. He had never noticeable so many matters he favored to consume on one table: roast beef, roast bird, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, Sir Francis Bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, fries, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup, and, for some unusual motive, peppermint humbugs.

The Dursleys had on no account precisely starved Harry, however he’d in no way been allowed to devour as so much as he favored. Dudley had continuously taken some thing that Harry rather wanted, even supposing It made him sick. Harry piled his plate with a little of the whole lot besides the peppermints and commenced to devour.

It was once all delicious.

“That does seem good,” mentioned the ghost within the ruff unluckily, staring at Harry cut up his steak, “are not able to you –?”

i have not eaten for virtually four hundred years,” stated the ghost. “i do not ought to, of path, however one does omit it. I do not think I’ve in troduced myself? Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington at your carrier. Resident ghost of Gryffindor Tower.”

“i do know who you’re!” said Ron abruptly. “My brothers advised me about you — you’re practically Headless Nick!”

“i would choose you to call me Sir Nicholas de Mimsy –” the ghost began stiffly, but sandy-haired Seamus Finnigan interrupted.

“virtually Headless? How can you be close to headless?”

Sir Nicholas appeared highly miffed, as if their little chat wasn’t going at the entire method he wanted.

“Like this,” he mentioned irritably. He seized his left ear and pulled. His entire head swung off his neck and fell onto his shoulder as if it was on a hinge. Anybody had without doubt tried to behead him, but no longer accomplished it properly. Looking joyful on the stunned appears on their faces, practically Headless Nick flipped his head back onto his neck, coughed, and mentioned, “So — new Gryffindors! I’m hoping you’re going to support us win the residence championship this 12 months? Gryffindors have by no means long gone see you later with out profitable. Slytherins have obtained the cup six years in a row! The Bloody Baron’s fitting close to insufferable — he is the Slytherin ghost.”

Harry appeared over at the Slytherin desk and saw a horrible ghost sitting there, with clean staring eyes, a gaunt face, and robes stained with silver blood. He was proper subsequent to Malfoy who, Harry was once joyful to see, didn’t seem too cheerful with the seating preparations.

“How did he get covered in blood?” requested Seamus with satisfactory interest.

“I’ve on no account requested,” stated just about Headless Nick delicately.

When every body had eaten as much as they would, the remains of the food light from the plates, leaving them glowing easy as before. A second later the muffins regarded. Blocks of ice cream in every flavor you could believe of, apple pies, treacle cakes, chocolate eclairs and jam doughnuts, trifle, strawberries, Jell-O, rice pudding — “

As Harry helped himself to a treacle tart, the speak grew to become to their families.

“i’m half of-and-half of,” stated Seamus. “Me dad’s a Muggle. Mom failed to inform him she used to be a witch ’til after they have been married. Little bit of a foul shock for him.”

The others laughed.

“What about you, Neville?” stated Ron.

“well, my gran introduced me up and she or he’s a witch,” stated Neville, “however the household thought I was once all- Muggle for a while. My high-quality Uncle Algie stored seeking to capture me off my protect and drive some magic out of me — he pushed me off the end of Blackpool pier once, I close to drowned — however nothing happened until I was eight. Pleasant Uncle Algie got here round for dinner, and he used to be striking me out of an upstairs window with the aid of the ankles when my great Auntie Enid furnished him a meringue and he accidentally let go. However I bounced — all the approach down the garden and into the street. They were all rather cheerful, Gran was crying, she used to be so glad. And you should have noticeable their faces when I obtained in right here — they idea I might no longer be magic enough to return, you see. First-class Uncle Algie was so cheerful he purchased me my toad.”

On Harry’s other facet, Percy Weasley and Hermione had been speaking about classes (“I do hope they start proper away, there’s so much to learn, i am above all excited by Transfiguration, you understand, turning some thing into something else, of course, it is speculated to be very problematic-“; “you can be commencing small, simply suits into needles and that sort of thing — “).

Harry, who used to be establishing to suppose heat and sleepy, seemed up at the excessive table once more. Hagrid used to be drinking deeply from his goblet.

Professor McGonagall was speakme to Professor Dumbledore. Professor Quirrell, in his absurd turban, was talking to a instructor with greasy black hair, a hooked nose, and sallow epidermis.

It occurred very suddenly. The hook-nosed trainer seemed earlier Quirrell’s turban straight into Harry’s eyes — and a pointy, scorching suffering shot across the scar on Harry’s forehead.

“Ouch!” Harry clapped a hand to his head.

“what’s it?” requested Percy.


The affliction had long gone as rapidly as it had come. Tougher to shake off was once the sensation Harry had gotten from the instructor’s appear — a feeling that he didn’t like Harry at all.

“Who’s that instructor talking to Professor Quirrell?” he requested Percy.

“Oh, Quirrell already, do you? No wonder he is looking so anxious, that is Professor Snape. He teaches Potions, but he doesn’t want to — each person is aware of he’s after Quirrell’s job. Knows an terrible lot in regards to the dark Arts, Snape.”

Harry watched Snape for a at the same time, however Snape didn’t appear at him again.

At last, the desserts too disappeared, and Professor Dumbledore bought to his feet once more. The hall fell silent.

“Ahern — only a few more phrases now that we’re all fed and watered. I’ve just a few -of-term notices to offer you.

“First years should observe that the wooded area on the grounds is forbidden to all scholars. And a few of our older scholars would do well to recollect that as good.”

Dumbledore’s twinkling eyes flashed within the path of the Weasley twins.

“i have additionally been asked through Mr. Filch, the caretaker, to remind you all that no magic will have to be used between lessons within the corridors.

“Quidditch trials will likely be held within the 2d week of the term. Any individual excited about enjoying for his or her apartment teams should contact Madam Hooch.

“And finally, I must let you know that this 12 months, the 0.33-ground corridor on the proper-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not want to die an awfully painful dying.”

Harry laughed, however he was one of the crucial few who did.

“he is now not critical?” he muttered to Percy.

“have got to be,” mentioned Percy, frowning at Dumbledore. “it’s strange, when you consider that he customarily offers us a motive why we’re not allowed to move someplace — the wooded area’s filled with hazardous beasts, every body knows that. I do consider he might have told us prefects, at the least.”

“And now, before we go to mattress, allow us to sing the school music!” cried Dumbledore. Harry observed that the opposite teachers’ smiles had turn out to be as an alternative fixed.

Dumbledore gave his wand a little flick, as if he was once seeking to get a fly off the top, and an extended golden ribbon flew out of it, which rose high above the tables and twisted itself, snakelike, into phrases.

“everybody select their favourite tune,” said Dumbledore, “and off we go!”

And the school bellowed: “Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts, educate us some thing please, whether or not we be ancient and bald Or younger with scabby knees, Our heads might do with filling With some interesting stuff, For now they may be bare and full of air, lifeless flies and bits of fluff, So train us matters valued at realizing, carry back what we have now forgot, just do your excellent, we will do the relaxation, And gain knowledge of except our brains all rot.

Every body completed the song at extraordinary occasions. At last, most effective the Weasley twins were left singing along to an extraordinarily slow funeral march.

Dumbledore performed their last few lines together with his wand and when they had completed, he was once a type of who clapped loudest.

“Ah, track,” he mentioned, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do right here! And now, bedtime. Off you trot!”

The Gryffindor first years adopted Percy by way of the chattering crowds, out of the best hall, and up the marble staircase. Harry’s legs had been like lead again, however only on account that he used to be so worn out and full of meals. He was once too sleepy even to be amazed that the humans in the portraits along the corridors whispered and pointed as they handed, or that twice Percy led them by way of doorways hidden behind sliding panels and putting tapestries. They climbed extra staircases, yawning and dragging their feet, and Harry was just questioning how so much farther they had to go once they came to a surprising halt.

A bundle of jogging sticks used to be floating in midair forward of them, and as Percy took a step toward them they began throwing themselves at him.

“Peeves,” Percy whispered to the primary years. “A poltergeist.” He raised his voice, “Peeves — exhibit yourself”

A loud, rude sound, just like the air being set free of a balloon, answered.

“Do you wish to have me to head to the Bloody Baron?”

There was a pop, and somewhat man with depraved, darkish eyes and a broad mouth appeared, floating pass- legged within the air, clutching the walking sticks.

“Oooooooh!” he said, with an evil cackle. “Ickle Firsties! What fun!”

He swooped all of a sudden at them. They all ducked.

“Go away, Peeves, or the Baron’ll hear about this, I mean it!” barked Percy.

Peeves stuck out his tongue and vanished, dropping the strolling sticks on Neville’s head. They heard him zooming away, rattling coats of armor as he passed.

“you need to be careful for Peeves,” said Percy, as they prompt once more.

“The Bloody Baron’s the one one who can manipulate him, he is not going to even listen to us prefects. Here we’re.”

at the very end of the corridor hung a portrait of an awfully fat girl in a red silk gown.

“Password?” she mentioned. “Caput Draconis,” mentioned Percy, and the portrait swung ahead to reveal a round gap in the wall. They all scrambled via it — Neville wanted a leg up — and found themselves within the Gryffindor usual room, a comfy, circular room full of squashy armchairs.

Percy directed the ladies by way of one door to their dormitory and the boys through a further. On the prime of a spiral staircase — they have been surely in one of the most towers — they located their beds at final: five 4-posters hung with deep red, velvet curtains. Their trunks had already been introduced up. Too worn out to speak much, they pulled on their pajamas and fell into mattress.

” high-quality food, isn’t it?” Ron muttered to Harry via the hangings.

“Get off, Scabbers! He is chewing my sheets.”

Harry used to be going to ask Ron if he’d had any of the treacle tart, but he fell asleep practically directly.

Perhaps Harry had eaten slightly an excessive amount of, considering that he had an awfully strange dream. He was carrying Professor Quirrell’s turban, which saved speaking to him, telling him he have got to switch to Slytherin directly, in view that it used to be his destiny. Harry instructed the turban he failed to wish to be in Slytherin; it acquired heavier and heavier; he tried to pull it off but it surely tightened painfully — and there was Malfoy, laughing at him as he struggled with it -then Malfoy was the hook-nosed teacher, Snape, whose chortle became high and cold — there was a burst of inexperienced mild and Harry woke, sweating and shaking.

He rolled over and fell asleep once more, and when he woke subsequent day, he didn’t consider the dream in any respect.



There, seem.”


“next to the tall kid with the red hair.”

“wearing the glasses?”

“Did you see his face?”

“Did you see his scar?”

Whispers adopted Harry from the moment he left his dormitory tomorrow. Men and women lining up outside classrooms stood on tiptoe to get a seem at him, or doubled back to pass him within the corridors once more, staring.

Harry wished they wouldn’t, in view that he was trying to be aware of finding his technique to lessons.

There have been a hundred and forty-two staircases at Hogwarts: extensive, sweeping ones; narrow, rickety ones; some that led somewhere distinct on a Friday; some with a vanishing step halfway up that you simply had to consider to leap. Then there were doors that wouldn’t open until you asked in a well mannered way, or tickled them in precisely the correct position, and doorways that weren’t really doorways at all, but strong walls just pretending. It was also very rough to keep in mind the place whatever was, in view that it all gave the impression to move around lots. The people within the pix kept going to consult with every other, and Harry was once sure the coats of armor might stroll.

The ghosts didn’t support, both. It was invariably a bad shock when one in all them glided suddenly by way of a door you were looking to open. Practically Headless Nick was at all times joyful to point new Gryffindors in the correct course, however Peeves the Poltergeist was valued at two locked doors and a trick staircase in case you met him whilst you were late for sophistication. He would drop wastepaper baskets in your head, pull rugs from beneath your toes, pelt you with bits of chalk, or sneak up behind you, invisible, snatch your nose, and screech, “received YOUR CONK!”

Even worse than Peeves, if that was viable, was the caretaker, Argus Filch. Harry and Ron managed to get on the flawed part of him on their very first morning. Filch discovered them trying to drive their approach through a door that sadly grew to become out to be the entrance to the out-of-bounds hall on the 0.33 ground. He wouldn’t suppose they had been misplaced, was certain they had been looking to wreck into it on purpose, and used to be threatening to lock them within the dungeons when they were rescued through Professor Quirrell, who was once passing.

Filch owned a cat known as Mrs. Norris, a scrawny, dirt-colored creature with bulging, lamp like eyes identical to Filch’s. She patrolled the corridors by myself. Ruin a rule in entrance of her, put only one toe out of line, and she’d whisk off for Filch, who’d appear, wheezing, two seconds later. Filch knew the secret passageways of the institution higher than someone (except maybe the Weasley twins) and could pop up as immediately as any of the ghosts. The scholars all hated him, and it was once the dearest ambition of many to provide Mrs. Norris a excellent kick.

After which, while you had managed to find them, there have been the courses themselves. There was a lot more to magic, as Harry swiftly found out, than waving your wand and announcing a few humorous phrases.

They had to be trained the night skies by way of their telescopes every Wednesday at the hours of darkness and be trained the names of distinct stars and the actions of the planets. 3 times a week they went out to the greenhouses at the back of the castle to learn Herbology, with a dumpy little witch referred to as Professor Sprout, the place they discovered learn how to maintain all the strange crops and fungi, and learned what they have been used for.

With ease probably the most boring classification was historical past of Magic, which was once the only one taught by using a ghost. Professor Binns had been very historical indeed when he had fallen asleep in entrance of the employees room hearth and obtained up subsequent morning to train, leaving his body in the back of him. Binns droned on and on at the same time they scribbled down names and dates, and got Emetic the Evil and Uric the Oddball blended up.

Professor Flitwick, the Charms instructor, was once a tiny little wizard who had to stand on a pile of book (harry potter and the philosopher’s stone audiobook online) to see over his desk. On the of their firstclass he took the roll call, and when he reached Harry’s title he gave an excited squeak and toppled out of sight.

Professor McGonagall was once once more exclusive. Harry had been particularly correct to believe she wasn’t a instructor to move. Strict and clever, she gave them a speaking-to the second they sat down in her firstclass.

“Transfiguration is some of the most complex and harmful magic you’re going to gain knowledge of at Hogwarts,” she said. “any one messing around in my type will depart and not come back. You may have been warned.”

Then she converted her desk right into a pig and again again. They were all very impressed and couldn’t wait to get started, however quickly realized they weren’t going to be changing the furniture into animals for a very long time.

After taking a lot of tricky notes, they had been each and every given a healthy and started looking to flip it into a needle. Via the end of the lesson, handiest Hermione Granger had made any change to her in shape; Professor McGonagall confirmed the category the way it had long past all silver and pointy and gave Hermione a rare smile.

The class each person had quite been watching ahead to was security in opposition to the dark Arts, but Quirrell’s lessons became out to be a little bit of a funny story. His study room smelled strongly of garlic, which each person stated was to keep off a vampire he’d met in Romania and used to be afraid would be coming back to get him considered one of nowadays. His turban, he informed them, had been given to him with the aid of an African prince as a thank-you for getting rid of a difficult zombie, however they weren’t certain they believed this story.

For one thing, when Seamus Finnigan requested eagerly to hear how Quirrell had fought off the zombie, Quirrell went pink and started talking about the weather; for an additional, that they had observed that a funny scent hung around the turban, and the Weasley twins insisted that it was stuffed stuffed with garlic as well, in order that Quirrell was protected anywhere he went.

Harry was once very relieved to find out that he wasn’t miles in the back of every person else. Tons of persons had come from Muggle households and, like him, hadn’t had any thought that they have been witches and wizards. There used to be a lot to study that even men and women like Ron didn’t have much of a head start.

Friday was an predominant day for Harry and Ron. They ultimately managed to search out their means all the way down to the pleasant corridor for breakfast without getting misplaced once.

“What have we got today?” Harry requested Ron as he poured sugar on his porridge.

“Double Potions with the Slytherins,” said Ron. “Snape’s Head of Slytherin apartment. They are saying he always favors them — we’ll be in a position to see if it is authentic.”

“desire McGonagall favored us, ” stated Harry. Professor McGonagall used to be head of Gryffindor house, but it surely hadn’t stopped her from giving them a gigantic pile of homework the day before.

Just then, the mail arrived. Harry had gotten used to this by using now, nevertheless it had given him a little bit of a shock on the first morning, when about a hundred owls had all of the sudden streamed into the first-rate hall throughout breakfast, circling the tables until they saw their house owners, and dropping letters and applications onto their laps.

Hedwig hadn’t introduced Harry whatever up to now. She often flew in to nibble his ear and have a little bit of toast before going off to sleep in the owlery with the opposite institution owls. This morning, nonetheless, she fluttered down between the marmalade and the sugar bowl and dropped a notice onto Harry’s plate. Harry tore it open immediately. It said, in an extraordinarily untidy scrawl: pricey Harry, i do know you get Friday afternoons off, so would you adore to return and have a cup of tea with me around three? I want to hear all about your first week. Ship us an answer again with Hedwig.

Hagrid Harry borrowed Ron’s quill, scribbled yes, please, goodbye on the back of the be aware, and sent Hedwig off once more.

It was fortunate that Harry had tea with Hagrid to look ahead to, given that the Potions lesson turned out to be the worst factor that had happened to him up to now.

On the -of-time period ceremonial dinner, Harry had gotten the notion that Professor Snape disliked him. By using the end of the first Potions lesson, he knew he’d been mistaken. Snape didn’t dislike Harry — he hated him.

Potions classes took place down in one of the vital dungeons. It was once chillier right here than up in the foremost fortress, and would had been particularly creepy adequate without the pickled animals floating in glass jars throughout the walls.

Snape, like Flitwick, started the class by means of taking the roll call, and like Flitwick, he paused at Harry’s title.

“Ah, yes,” he said softly, “Harry Potter. Our new — celebrity.”

Draco Malfoy and his neighbors Crabbe and Goyle sniggered at the back of their fingers. Snape completed calling the names and seemed up at the category. His eyes were black like Hagrid’s, however they’d none of Hagrid’s warmness.

They have been bloodless and empty and made you suppose of darkish tunnels.

“you are right here to gain knowledge of the delicate science and precise artwork of potionmaking,” he started out. He spoke in just more than a whisper, however they caught each phrase — like Professor McGonagall, Snape had y caught each phrase — like Professor McGonagall, Snape had the present of keeping a category silent with out effort. “As there is little silly wand-waving here, many of you’re going to rarely think that is magic. I don’t count on you are going to particularly fully grasp the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate energy of beverages that creep by way of human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses…. I will educate you methods to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper dying — for those who don’t seem to be as enormous a bunch of dunderheads as I in general have to coach.”

more silence adopted this little speech. Harry and Ron exchanged looks with raised eyebrows. Hermione Granger was on the brink of her seat and looked determined to start proving that she wasn’t a dunderhead.

“Potter!” stated Snape immediately. “What would I get if I delivered powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?”

Powdered root of what to an infusion of what? Harry glanced at Ron, who regarded as stumped as he was once; Hermione’s hand had shot into the air.

“I don’t know, take a seat,” said Harry.

Snape’s lips curled right into a sneer.

“Tut, tut — popularity evidently is not the whole lot.”

He disregarded Hermione’s hand.

“Let’s are attempting once more. Potter, where would you appear if I instructed you to search out me a bezoar?”

Hermione stretched her hand as high into the air as it would go without her leaving her seat, but Harry did not have the faintest inspiration what a bezoar was once. He tried to not look at Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle, who have been shaking with laughter.

“what is the change, Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?”