Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Audiobook by Stephen Fry

“irrespective of, (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) –”
Dumbledore pointed his wand on the bottle and the cork flew out.
“Sir — how did you injure your hand?” (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) asked once more, watching on the blackened fingers with a mixture of revulsion and pity.
“Now is not the moment for that story, (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online). Not but. We’ve an appointment with Bob Ogden.”
Dumbledore tipped the silvery contents of the bottle into the Pensieve, the place they swirled and shimmered, neither liquid nor gasoline. “After you,” said Dumbledore, gesturing toward the bowl. (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) bent ahead, took a deep breath, and plunged his face into the silvery substance. He felt his ft depart the place of job floor; he used to be falling, falling by means of whirling darkness and then, quite sud-denly, he was once blinking in fantastic sunlight. Before his eyes had adjusted, Dumbledore landed beside him.
They had been standing in a nation lane bordered through excessive, tangled hedgerows, under a summer sky as shiny and blue as a omit-me-not. Some ten ft in front of them stood a short, plump man carrying drastically thick glasses that diminished his eyes to molelike specks. He was once studying a wood signpost that was sticking out of the brambles on the left-hand aspect of the road. (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) knew this have to be Ogden; he was the only man or woman in sight, and he was once also carrying the strange assortment of clothes so by and large chosen by using inexperienced wizards trying to look like Muggles: in this case, a frock coat and spats over a striped one-piece bathing costume. Earlier than
(Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) had time to do greater than register his weird appearance, nonetheless, Ogden had spark off at a brisk walk down the lane.
Dumbledore and (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) adopted. As they handed the wood signal, (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) appeared up at its two fingers. The one pointing back the way that they had come learn: pleasant Hangleton, 5 miles. The arm pointing after Ogden said Little Hangleton, 1 mile.
They walked a brief method with nothing to look but the hedgerows, the wide blue sky overhead and the swishing, frock-lined determine forward. Then the lane curved to the left and fell away, sloping steeply down a hillside, in order that they had a unexpected, sudden view of a entire valley specified by entrance of them. (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) would see a village, most likely Little Hangleton, nestled between two steep hills, its church and graveyard naturally obvious. Throughout the valley, set on the reverse hillside, was once a handsome manor condo surrounded by using a large expanse of velvety inexperienced lawn.
Ogden had broken into a reluctant trot as a result of the steep downward slope. Dumbledore lengthened his stride, and (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) hurried to keep up. He notion Little Hangleton have got to be their final vacation spot and puzzled, as he had finished on the night time they had located Slughorn, why they needed to procedure it from this sort of distance. He quickly found out that he used to be flawed in considering that they were going to the village, nevertheless. The lane curved to the right and when they rounded the nook, it was once to peer the very edge of Ogden’s frock coat vanishing via a gap in the hedge.
Dumbledore and (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) adopted him onto a slender grime track bordered by means of bigger and wilder hedgerows than these they had left behind. The trail was crooked, rocky, and potholed, sloping down-hill like the last one, and it appeared to be heading for a patch of darkish trees a little bit beneath them. Certain enough, the monitor quickly opened up at the copse, and Dumbledore and (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) got here to a halt behind Ogden, who had stopped and drawn his wand.
Despite the cloudless sky, the historic bushes ahead forged deep, darkish, cool shadows, and it was once a number of seconds earlier than (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online)’s eyes discerned the building half-hidden amongst the tangle of trunks. It perceived to him a very unusual location to choose for a residence, or else an extraordinary selection to depart the trees growing local, blockading all gentle and the view of the valley beneath. He questioned whether it used to be inhabited; its walls had been mossy and so many tiles had fallen off the roof that the rafters were visible in places. Nettles grew all around it, their guidelines attaining the windows, that have been tiny and thick with grime. Simply as he had concluded that no one might almost certainly are living there, nonetheless, probably the most home windows was once thrown open with a clatter, and a thin trickle of steam or smoke issued from it, as though a person was cooking.
Ogden moved forward quietly and, it appeared to (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online), rather cautiously. As the dark shadows of the bushes slid over him, he stopped again, staring at the entrance door, to which an individual had nailed a lifeless snake.
Then there used to be a rustle and a crack, and a person in rags dropped from the closest tree, touchdown on his ft proper in entrance of Ogden, who leapt backward so fast he stood on the tails of his frock coat and stumbled.
“you’re now not welcome.”
the person standing before them had thick hair so raveled with grime it might had been any colour. A couple of of his tooth were missing. His eyes had been small and darkish and stared in opposite instructional materials. He might have regarded comical, but he didn’t; the result was frighten-ing, and (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) might now not blame Ogden for backing away several extra paces earlier than he spoke.
“Er — just right morning. I’m from the Ministry of Magic –” “you are now not welcome.”
“Er — i am sorry — i do not fully grasp you,” stated Ogden nervously.
(Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) concept Ogden was once being incredibly dim; the stranger was once making himself very clear in (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online)’s opinion, chiefly as he was brandishing a wand in a single hand and a short and as a substitute bloody knife in the different.
“You comprehend him, i am certain, (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online)?” mentioned Dumbledore quietly. “sure, of path,” said (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online), relatively nonplussed. “Why cannot Ogden — ?”
however as his eyes discovered the useless snake on the door once more, he out of the blue understood.
“he is speakme Parseltongue?”
“excellent,” stated Dumbledore, nodding and smiling.
The man in rags was once now advancing on Ogden, knife in a single hand, wand in the other.
“Now, look –” Ogden commenced, however too late: There was a bang, and Ogden used to be on the ground, clutching his nose, while a foul yellowish goo squirted from between his fingers.
“Morfin!” mentioned a loud voice.
An aged man had come hurrying out of the cottage, banging the door behind him so that the useless snake swung pathetically. This man was once shorter than the first, and oddly proportioned; his shoulders had been very broad and his palms overlong, which, along with his vivid brown eyes, short scrubby hair, and wrinkled face, gave him the look of a robust, aged monkey. He got here to a halt beside the person with the knife, who used to be now cackling with laughter at the sight of Ogden on the bottom.
“Ministry, is it?” stated the older man, looking down at Ogden. “correct!” stated Ogden angrily, dabbing his face. “and you, I take it, are Mr. Gaunt?”
“S’right,” mentioned Gaunt. “received you in the face, did he?” “sure, he did!” snapped Ogden.
“must’ve made your presence identified, mustn’t you?” stated Gaunt aggressively. “this is confidential property. Cannot just walk in here and no longer expect my son to guard himself.”
“preserve himself towards what, man?” said Ogden, clambering back to his ft.
“Busybodies. Intruders. Muggles and grime.” Ogden pointed his wand at his possess nose, which used to be still issuing colossal amounts of what appeared like yellow pus, and the glide stopped without delay. Mr. Gaunt spoke out of the nook of his mouth to Morfin. “Get within the apartment. Do not argue.”
This time, ready for it, (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) famous Parseltongue; even while he would comprehend what used to be being said, he wonderful the weird hissing noise that used to be all Ogden would hear. Morfin appeared to be on the factor of disagreeing, however when his father cast him a threatening look he converted his intellect, lumbering away to the cottage with an abnormal rolling gait and slamming the front door in the back of him, in order that the snake swung unfortunately again.
“it is your son i am right here to look, Mr. Gaunt,” stated Ogden, as he mopped the final of the pus from the entrance of his coat. “That used to be Morfin, wasn’t it?”
“Ah, that was once Morfin,” stated the old man indifferently. “Are you pure-blood?” he asked, all of the sudden aggressive.
“that is neither here nor there,” mentioned Ogden coldly, and (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) felt his recognize for Ogden upward push. It seems that Gaunt felt as an alternative another way.
He squinted into Ogden’s face and muttered, in what used to be obviously purported to be an offensive tone, “Now I come to believe about it, I’ve seen noses like yours down in the village.”
“i don’t doubt it, if your son’s been let loose on them,” stated Ogden. “perhaps we would continue this discussion inside?”
“inside of?”
“sure, Mr. Gaunt. I’ve already instructed you. I’m here about Morfin. We sent an owl –”
“I’ve no use for owls,” said Gaunt. “i do not open letters.”
“Then that you would be able to hardly ever whinge that you just get no warning of viewers,” mentioned Ogden tartly. “i’m right here following a significant breach of Wizarding law, which came about here in the early hours of this morning –”
“All right, all correct, all correct!” bellowed Gaunt. “Come within the bleeding residence, then, and much excellent it’ll do you!”
The condominium looked as if it would incorporate three tiny rooms. Two doors led off the primary room, which served as kitchen and residing room com-bined. Morfin was sitting in a dirty armchair beside the smoking hearth, twisting a are living adder between his thick fingers and crooning softly at it in Parseltongue:
Hissy, hissy, little snakey,
Slither on the floor
You be good to Morfin
Or he’ll nail you to the door.
There was a scuffling noise within the corner beside the open window, and (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) realized that there used to be an individual else within the room, a girl whose ragged grey costume was once the certain colour of the dirty stone wall behind her. She was standing beside a steaming pot on a grimy black range, and was fiddling around with the shelf of squalid-watching pots and pans above it. Her hair was once lank and dull and he or she had a simple, light, as a substitute heavy face. Her eyes, like her brother’s, stared in reverse guidelines. She appeared a bit of cleaner than the 2 guys, however (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) suggestion he had by no means visible a extra defeated-looking character.
“M’daughter, Merope,” mentioned Gaunt grudgingly, as Ogden looked inquiringly toward her.
“excellent morning,” stated Ogden.
She didn’t answer, however with a fearful glance at her father became her back on the room and persevered shifting the pots on the shelf at the back of her.
“good, Mr. Gaunt,” stated Ogden, “to get straight to the point, we now have rationale to believe that your son, Morfin, carried out magic in entrance of a Muggle late last night time.”
There was a deafening clang. Merope had dropped one of the pots.
“opt for it up!” Gaunt bellowed at her. “that’s it, grub on the ground like some filthy Muggle, what’s your wand for, you vain sack of muck?”
“Mr. Gaunt, please!” said Ogden in a bowled over voice, as Merope, who had already picked up the pot, flushed blotchily scarlet, misplaced her grip on the pot again, drew her wand shakily from her pocket, pointed it at the pot, and muttered a hasty, inaudible spell that prompted the pot to shoot across the floor far from her, hit the opposite wall, and crack in two.
Morfin let loose a mad cackle of laughter. Gaunt screamed, “Mend it, you pointless lump, mend it!”
Merope stumbled across the room, but before she had time to raise her wand, Ogden had lifted his own and stated firmly, “Reparo. ” The pot mended itself immediately.
Gaunt seemed for a moment as if he used to be going to shout at Ogden, however gave the impression to consider better of it: instead, he jeered at his daughter, “lucky the high-quality man from the Ministry’s right here, isn’t it? Maybe he’ll take you off my fingers, probably he doesn’t mind dirty Squibs. . . .”
with out watching at anybody or thanking Ogden, Merope picked up the pot and back it, hands trembling, to its shelf. She then stood really still, her back against the wall between the filthy window and the stove, as if she wished for nothing greater than to sink into the stone and vanish.
“Mr. Gaunt,” Ogden commenced again, “as I’ve stated: the reason for my talk over with –”
“I heard you the first time!” snapped Gaunt. “And so what? Morfin gave a Muggle a little bit of what was coming to him — what about it, then?”
“Morfin has broken Wizarding regulation,” said Ogden sternly.
“‘Morfin has broken Wizarding regulation.’” Gaunt imitated Ogden’s voice, making it pompous and singsong. Morfin cackled again. “He taught a grimy Muggle a lesson, that’s unlawful now, is it?”
“yes,” stated Ogden. “i’m afraid it is.”
He pulled from an within pocket a small scroll of parchment and unrolled it.
“What’s that, then, his sentence?” stated Gaunt, his voice rising angrily.
“it is a summons to the Ministry for a hearing –”
“Summons! Summons? Who do you suppose you’re, summoning my son anyplace?”
“i’m Head of the Magical law Enforcement Squad,” stated Ogden.
“and you feel we’re scum, do you?” screamed Gaunt, advancing on Ogden now, with a soiled yellow-nailed finger pointing at his chest. “Scum who’ll come walking when the Ministry tells ’em to? Have you learnt who you are speaking to, you filthy little Mudblood, do you?”
“I used to be under the influence that I was speaking to Mr. Gaunt,” mentioned Ogden, watching wary, but standing his ground.
“that is proper!” roared Gaunt. For a second, (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) notion Gaunt was once making an obscene hand gesture, however then realized that he was once displaying Ogden the unpleasant, black-stoned ring he used to be sporting on his core finger, waving it earlier than Ogden’s eyes. “See this? See this? Be aware of what it is? Understand the place it came from? Centuries it’s been in our household, that’s how far again we go, and pure-blood all the manner! Know the way much i have been furnished for this, with the Peverell coat of arms engraved on the stone?”
“I’ve quite no notion,” said Ogden, blinking because the ring sailed within an inch of his nose, “and it can be particularly beside the point, Mr. Gaunt. Your son has dedicated –”
With a howl of rage, Gaunt ran towards his daughter. For a cut up second, (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) notion he was going to throttle her as his hand flew to her throat; next moment, he was once dragging her towards Ogden through a gold chain around her neck.
“See this?” he bellowed at Ogden, shaking a heavy gold locket at him, even as Merope spluttered and gasped for breath.
“I see it, I see it!” mentioned Ogden all of a sudden.