Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Audiobook by Stephen Fry

Snape’s expression used to be clean, unreadable. Bellatrix, however, set free a cackle of effective laughter.
“are not you listening, Narcissa? Oh, he’ll are attempting, i’m definite… The usual empty phrases, the ordinary slithering out of action… Oh, on the darkish Lord’s orders, of direction!”
Snape didn’t seem at Bellatrix. His black eyes were constant upon Narcissa’s tear-filled blue ones as she persisted to grasp his hand.
“surely, Narcissa, I shall make the Unbreakable Vow,” he mentioned quietly. “might be your sister will consent to be our Bonder.”
Bellatrix’s mouth fell open. Snape decreased himself so that he used to be kneeling opposite Narcissa. Underneath Bellatrix’s astonished gaze, they grasped right arms.
“you are going to want your wand, Bellatrix,” stated Snape coldly.
She drew it, still watching astonished.
“And you will have got to transfer just a little nearer,” he stated.
She stepped ahead so that she stood over them, and positioned the tip of her wand on their linked fingers.
Narcissa spoke.
“Will you, Severus, watch over my son, Draco, as he attempts ta fulfill the darkish Lord’s needs?”
“i’ll,” mentioned Snape.
A thin tongue of top notch flame issued from the wand and wound its approach around their palms like a crimson-scorching wire.
“and can you, to the exceptional of your capability, defend him from damage?”
“i’ll,” said Snape.
A 2d tongue of flame shot from the wand and interlinked with the first, making a first-class, glowing chain.
“And, must it prove vital… If it appears Draco will fail…” whispered Narcissa (Snape’s hand twitched within hers, but he didn’t draw away), “will you carry out the deed that the darkish Lord has ordered Draco to perform?”
There was once a second’s silence. Bellatrix watched, her wand upon their clasped arms, her eyes vast.
“i will,” stated Snape.
Bellatrix’s astounded face glowed pink in the blaze of a 3rd unique flame, which shot from the wand, twisted with the others, and sure itself thickly round their clasped fingers, like a fiery snake.
Chapter 3: Will And will not
(Book 6 Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Free) Potter was loud night breathing loudly. He had been sitting in a chair beside his bedroom window for the exceptional part of 4 hours, staring out at the darkening street, and had in the end fallen asleep with one part of his face pressed towards the bloodless win-dowpane, his glasses askew and his mouth extensive open. The misty fug his breath had left on the window sparkled within the orange glare of the streetlamp external, and the factitious mild drained his face of all color, so that he looked ghostly underneath his shock of untidy black hair.
The room was strewn with quite a lot of possessions and a excellent smattering of rubbish. Owl feathers, apple cores, and sweet wrappers littered the floor, a number of spellbooks lay higgledy-piggledy among the many tangled robes on his mattress, and a multitude of newspapers sat in a puddle of light on his desk. The headline of one blared:
(Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Audiobook Online) POTTER: THE CHOSEN ONE?
Rumors continue to fly concerning the mysterious recent disturbance on the Ministry of Magic, for the duration of which He-Who-have to-not-Be-Named was once sighted over again.