Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook by Stephen Fry

Hermione left the clinic wing, de-whiskered, tail-much less, and furfree, at
the opening of February. On her first night back in Gryffindor
Tower, Harry showed her T. M. Riddle’s diary and instructed her the story
of how they had observed it.
“Oooh, it might have hidden powers,” stated Hermione enthusiastically,
taking the diary and watching at it carefully.
“If it has, it’s hiding them very good,” mentioned Ron. “probably it can be shy. I don’t
recognize why you don’t chuck it, Harry.”
“I wish I knew why any individual did attempt to chuck it,” mentioned Harry. “I
would not intellect knowing how Riddle got an award for targeted offerings
to Hogwarts either.”
“might’ve been whatever,” stated Ron. “perhaps he bought thirty O.WL.S or
saved a teacher from the massive squid. Possibly he murdered Myrtle; that
would’ve completed each person a favor …..
But Harry could tell from the arrested seem on Hermione’s face that
she used to be pondering what he was considering.
“What?” said Ron, watching from one to the other.
“well, the Chamber of secrets and techniques used to be opened fifty years in the past, wasn’t it?”
he mentioned. “that’s what Malfoy stated.”
“Yeah. . .” stated Ron slowly.
“And this diary is fifty years historic,” mentioned Hermione, tapping it excitedly.
a so?
“Oh, Ron, wake up,” snapped Hermione. “we know the person who
opened the Chamber final time was expelled fifty years ago. We know
T. M. Riddle got an award for distinct offerings to the institution fifty years
in the past. Good, what if Riddle bought his specific award for catching the inheritor of
Slytherin? His diary would in most cases inform us the whole thing – where the
Chamber is, and the way to open it, and what sort of creature lives in it –
the person who’s at the back of the attacks this time wouldn’t need that mendacity
round, would they?”
“that’s a first-rate conception, Hermione,” mentioned Ron, “with only one tiny little
flaw. There’s nothing written in his diary.”
but Hermione used to be pulling her wand out of her bag.
“It maybe invisible ink!” she whispered.
She tapped the diary 3 times and stated, “Aparecium!”
Nothing occurred. Undaunted, Hermione shoved her hand again into
her bag and pulled out what seemed to be a vivid crimson eraser.
“it’s a Revealer, I acquired it in Diagon Alley,” she said.
She rubbed rough on January first. Nothing occurred.
“i’m telling you, there is nothing to seek out in there,” stated Ron. “Riddle just
acquired a diary for Christmas and could not be afflicted filling it in.”
Harry could not give an explanation for, even to himself, why he didn’t just throw
Riddle’s diary away. The actual fact used to be that despite the fact that he knew the diary
was clean, he saved absentmindedly deciding upon it up and turning the pages,
as if it have been a story he desired to conclude. And whilst Harry was once
sure he had never heard the title T. M. Riddle before, it still gave the impression
to mean something to him, close to as if
* 233 *
Riddle used to be a pal he’d had when he was once very small, and had
halfforgotten. However this was absurd. He’d in no way had acquaintances before
Hogwarts, Dudley had made certain of that.
However, Harry was once determined to discover more about Riddle, so
next day at ruin, he headed for the trophy room to evaluate Riddle’s
distinctive award, accompanied through an interested Hermione and a
fully unconvinced Ron, who informed them he’d seen enough of the
trophy room to final him a lifetime.
Riddle’s burnished gold defend was once tucked away in a nook cupboard. It
didn’t carry important points of why it had been given to him (“excellent factor, too,
or it might be even bigger and identification still be polishing it,” stated Ron). Nevertheless,
they did to find Riddle’s identify on an historical Medal for Magical benefit, and on
a record of historic Head Boys.
“He seems like Percy,” stated Ron, wrinkling his nostril in disgust.
“Prefect, Head Boy … Quite often top of every classification -”
“You say that adore it’s a nasty thing,” stated Hermione in a slightly hurt
The solar had now begun to shine weakly on Hogwarts again. Inside of
the fortress, the temper had grown more hopeful. There had been no
extra assaults due to the fact that these on Justin and almost Headless Nick, and
Madam Pomfrey was joyful to file that the Mandrakes were
fitting moody and secretive, meaning that they had been quick leaving
“The moment their zits clears up, they may be capable for repotting once more,”
Harry heard her telling Filch kindly one afternoon. “And after that, it
won’t be lengthy unless we’re reducing them up and stewing them. You’ll
have Mrs. Norris again in no time.”
* 243 *
perhaps the inheritor of Slytherin had misplaced his or her nerve, concept Harry.
It have got to be getting riskier and riskier to open the Chamber of secrets and techniques,
with the university so alert and suspicious. Might be the monster,
some thing it was, was once even now settling itself right down to hibernate for
an extra fifty years ….
Ernie Macmillan of Hufflepuff failed to take this cheerful view. He was
nonetheless convinced that Harry was the responsible one, that he had “given
himself away” at the Dueling club. Peeves wasn’t serving to concerns; he
kept stoning up within the crowded corridors singing “Oh, Potter, you
rotter . . .” now with a dance routine to check.
Gilderoy Lockhart looked as if it would believe he himself had made the attacks
stop. Harry overheard him telling Professor McGonagall so while the
Gryffindors have been lining up for Transfiguration.
“i do not consider there’ll be any longer crisis, Minerva,” he said, tapping
his nostril knowingly and winking. “I feel the Chamber has been locked
for good this time. The wrongdoer ought to have known it was handiest a subject
of time before I caught him. Alternatively sensible to discontinue now, earlier than I
came down difficult on him.
“you understand, what the institution desires now’s a morale-booster. Wash
away the recollections of last time period! I is not going to say any more just now, however I
consider i do know just the object . . . .”
He tapped his nostril once more and strode off.
Lockhart’s inspiration of a morale-booster became clear at breakfast time on
February fourteenth. Harry hadn’t had a lot sleep because of a laterunning
Quidditch follow the night time earlier than, and he hurried all the way down to
the exceptional hall, relatively late. He idea, for a moment, that he’d
walked by way of the mistaken doorways.
The partitions had been all protected with significant, lurid purple plants. Worse
* 235*
still, coronary heart-shaped confetti used to be falling from the pale blue ceiling. Harry
went over to the Gryffindor table, where Ron used to be sitting looking
sickened, and Hermione perceived to were overcome with giggles.
“what’s going on?” Harry requested them, sitting down and wiping confetti
off his Sir Francis Bacon.
Ron pointed to the teachers’ desk, it seems that too disgusted to speak.
Lockhart, carrying lurid red robes to compare the decorations, was
waving for silence. The lecturers on either aspect of him were looking
stony-faced. From the place he sat, Harry could see a muscle stepping into
Professor McGonagall’s cheek. Snape looked as though someone had
just fed him a enormous beaker of Skele-Gro.
“happy Valentine’s Day!” Lockhart shouted. “And may I thank the
forty-six men and women who have so far despatched me cards! Yes, i’ve taken the
liberty of arranging this little shock for you all – and it doesn’t end
right here!”
Lockhart clapped his hands and via the doorways to the entrance hall
marched a dozen surly-looking dwarfs. No longer just any dwarfs, nevertheless.
Lockhart had all of them wearing golden wings and carrying harps.
“My pleasant, card-carrying cupids!” beamed Lockhart. “they will be
roving around the tuition in these days supplying your valentines! And the enjoyable
would not stop here! I’m certain my colleagues will want to enter into the
spirit of the celebration! Why no longer ask Professor Snape to exhibit you how
to whip up a Love Potion! And even as you are at it, Professor Flitwick
is aware of more about Entrancing Enchantments than any wizard I’ve
ever met, the sly ancient canine!”
Professor Flitwick buried his face in his palms. Snape used to be appear
* 236
ing as though the primary person to ask him for a Love Potion could be
drive-fed poison.
“Please, Hermione, inform me you weren’t one of the forty-six, fifty one said Ron
as they left the excellent hall for their first lesson. Hermione instantly
grew to become very enthusiastic about browsing her bag for her agenda and
didn’t answer.
All day lengthy, the dwarfs stored barging into their classes to provide
valentines, to the annoyance of the teachers, and late that afternoon as
the Gryffindors were strolling upstairs for Charms, one of the vital dwarfs
caught up with Harry.
“Oy, you! ‘Arty Potter!” shouted a chiefly grim-watching dwarf,
elbowing men and women out of how one can get to Harry.
Hot far and wide on the concept of being given a valentine in front of a line
of first years, which occurred to incorporate Ginny Weasley, Harry tried
to escape. The dwarf, nevertheless, reduce his means through the gang through
kicking folks’s shins, and reached him earlier than he’d long gone two paces.
“I’ve got a musical message to supply to ‘Arry Potter in individual,” he
stated, twanging his harp in a threatening variety of approach.
“no longer right here,” Harry hissed, looking to get away.
“stay nonetheless!” grunted the dwarf, grabbing hold of Harry’s bag and pulling
him again.
“Let me go!” Harry tangled up, tugging.
With a loud ripping noise, his bag cut up in two. His book (harry potter and the chamber of secrets audiobook online)s, wand,
parchment, and quill spilled onto the floor and his ink bottle smashed
over everything.
Harry scrambled round, looking to choose it all up before the dwarf
started singing, causing whatever of a holdup in the hall.
“what is going on on right here?” came the cold, drawling voice of Draco
Malfoy. Harry started stuffing the whole lot feverishly into his ripped
bag, determined to get away before Malfoy could hear his musical
“What’s all this commotion?” stated an extra acquainted voice as Percy
Weasley arrived.
Dropping his head, Harry tried to make a run for it, however the dwarf
seized him around the knees and brought him crashing to the ground.
“correct,” he stated, sitting on Harry’s ankles. “here is your singing
His eyes are as green as a recent pickled toad,
His hair is as darkish as a blackboard.
I desire he was mine, he is really divine,
The hero who conquered the darkish Lord
Harry would have given all the gold in Gringotts to evaporate on the
spot. Making an attempt valiantly to snort along with every person else, he bought up, his
ft numb from the burden of the dwarf, as Percy Weasley did his
nice to disperse the crowd, some of whom were crying with mirth.
“Off you go, off you go, the bell rang 5 minutes in the past, off to class,
now,” he said, shooing one of the crucial younger pupils away. “and also you,
Harry, glancing over, noticed Malfoy hunch and snatch up some thing.
Leering, he confirmed it to Crabbe and Goyle, and Harry realized that
he’d received Riddle’s diary.
“give that back,” mentioned Harry quietly.
“wonder what Potter’s written in this?” stated Malfoy, who obvi
* 238
ously hadn’t seen the 12 months on the quilt and idea he had
Harry’s own diary. A hush fell over the onlookers. Ginny was once staring
from the diary to Harry, watching terrified.
“Hand it over, Malfoy,” stated Percy sternly.
“once I’ve had a look,” stated Malfoy, waving the diary tauntingly at
Percy stated, “As a college prefect -” but Harry had lost his temper. He
pulled out his wand and shouted, “Expelliarmus!” and just as
Snape had disarmed Lockhart, so Malfoy discovered the diary taking pictures
out of his hand into the air. Ron, grinning commonly, caught it.
“Harry!” said Percy loudly. “No magic within the corridors. I’ll must
file this, you already know!”
but Harry failed to care, he was once one-up on Malfoy, and that was worth
5 elements from Gryffindor any day. Malfoy used to be watching livid, and
as Ginny passed him to enter her study room, he yelled spitefully after
her, “i don’t think Potter preferred your valentine much!”
Ginny blanketed her face with her fingers and bumped into type. Snarling,
Ron pulled out his wand, too, however Harry pulled him away. Ron did not
ought to spend the whole of Charms belching slugs.
It wasn’t until they’d reached Professor Flitwick’s class that Harry
observed some thing rather peculiar about Riddle’s diary. All his different
book (harry potter and the chamber of secrets audiobook online)s were sopping wet in scarlet ink. The diary, nonetheless, was once as
clean as it had been earlier than the ink bottle had smashed everywhere it. He
tried to point this out to Ron, however Ron used to be having crisis together with his
wand once more; massive pink bubbles have been blossoming out of the end,
and he wasn’t so much fascinated about something else.
Harry went to bed earlier than any individual else in his dormitory that night. This
was partly on the grounds that he did not consider he would stand Fred and George
singing, “His eyes are as inexperienced as a fresh pickled toad” another time,
and partly on account that he wanted to examine Riddle’s diary once more, and
knew that Ron proposal he was once losing his time.
Harry sat on his 4-poster and flicked through the blank pages, now not
one in all which had a hint of scarlet ink on it. Then he pulled a brand new
bottle out of his bedside cupboard, dipped his quill into it, and dropped a
blot onto the primary web page of the diary.
The ink shone brightly on the paper for a 2d and then, as though it
was once being sucked into the page, vanished. Excited, Harry loaded up
his quill a second time and wrote, “My identify is Harry Potter.”
The phrases shone momentarily on the web page they usually, too, sank with out
hint. Then, at final, whatever happened.
Oozing again out of the page, in his very own ink, got here words Harry
had never written.
“howdy, Harry Potter. My name is Tom Riddle. How did you come by means of my
These words, too, faded away, but not earlier than Harry had started to
scribble back.
“any individual tried to flush it down a toilet.”
He waited eagerly for Riddle’s reply.
“fortunate that I recorded my recollections in some extra lasting method than ink.
But I invariably knew that there would be folks that would now not need this
diary read. ”
“What do you imply?” Harry scrawled, blotting the web page in his
`I mean that this diary holds memories of horrible things. Things that were
included up. Things that occurred at Hogwarts university of Witchcraft and
Wizardry. ”
“that is the place i am now,” Harry wrote speedily. “i’m at Hogwarts, and
horrible stuff’s been happening. Have you learnt some thing about the
Chamber of secrets?”
His heart was hammering. Riddle’s reply got here quickly, his writing
becoming untidier, as though he was once hurrying to inform all he knew.
“Of direction i do know about the Chamber of secrets. In my day, they advised us it
was once a legend, that it did not exist. However this was once a lie. In my fifth 12 months, the
Chamber used to be opened and the monster attacked several pupils, in the end
killing one. I caught the individual whod opened the Chamber and he used to be
expelled. But the Headmaster, Professor Dippet, ashamed that such a thing
had occurred at Hogwarts, forbade me to tell the reality. A story was given
out that thegirl had died in a freak accident. They gave me a first-rate, bright,
engraved trophy for my crisis and warned me to hold my mouth shut. But I
knew it might occur again. The monster lived on, and the one who had the
vigour to unlock it was not imprisoned. ”
Harry practically upset his ink bottle in his hurry to jot down back.
“it’s going down again now. There had been three attacks and no person
seems to understand who’s behind them. Who was it final time?”
“i will be able to exhibit you, when you like, “came Riddle’s reply. “You wouldn’t have
to take my phrase for it. I can take you within my memory of the night time
when I caught him. ”
Harry hesitated, his quill suspended over the diary. What did Riddle
imply? How might he be taken within an individual else’s reminiscence? He
glanced nervously at the door to the dormitory, which was once
growing darkish. When he seemed back on the diary, he saw recent phrases
“Let me show you. ”
Harry paused for a fraction of a 2nd and then wrote two letters.
(40K.Fifty five
The pages of the diary began to blow as though caught in a excessive wind,
stopping midway by way of the month of June. Mouth placing open,
Harry noticed that the little square for June thirteenth gave the impression to have
turned into a miniscule tv reveal. His fingers trembling rather,
he raised the publication to press his eye towards the little window, and
earlier than he knew what used to be happening, he was once tilting ahead; the
window was once widening, he felt his body depart his mattress, and he was
pitched headfirst via the outlet in the page, right into a whirl of colour
and shadow.
He felt his ft hit solid floor, and stood, shaking, as the blurred
shapes round him came abruptly into focal point.
He knew immediately where he was. This circular room with the
slumbering images was Dumbledore’s administrative center – nevertheless it wasn’t Dumbledore
who was once sitting in the back of the desk. A wizened, fraillooking wizard, bald
besides for a number of wisps of white hair, was once reading a letter by way of
candlelight. Harry had in no way noticeable this man before.
“i am sorry,” he mentioned shakily. “I failed to mean to butt in -”
but the wizard failed to appear up. He continued to learn, frowning rather.
Harry drew nearer to his desk and stammered, “Er – i will simply go, shall
still the wizard left out him. He did not seem even to have heard him.
Considering that the wizard might be deaf, Harry raised his voice.
“Sorry I disturbed you. I will go now,” he 1/2-shouted.
The wizard folded up the letter with a sigh, stood up, walked earlier
Harry with out glancing at him, and went to attract the curtains at his
The sky outside the window was ruby-crimson; it seemed to be sundown.
The wizard went back to the desk, sat down, and twiddled his thumbs,
gazing the door.
Harry looked across the workplace. No Fawkes the phoenix – no whirring
silver contraptions. This was once Hogwarts as Riddle had known it,
which means that this unknown wizard was once Headmaster, no longer Dumbledore,
and he, Harry, was little greater than a phantom, utterly invisible to
the individuals of fifty years ago.
There used to be a knock on the office door.
“Enter,” mentioned the old wizard in a feeble voice.
A boy of about sixteen entered, taking off his pointed hat. A silver
prefect’s badge was once glinting on his chest. He was so much taller than
Harry, however he, too, had jet-black hair.
“Ah, Riddle,” mentioned the Headmaster.
“You wanted to look me, Professor Dippet?” mentioned Riddle. He seemed
“take a seat down,” said Dippet. “I’ve simply been studying the letter you sent me.
“Oh,” stated Riddle. He sat down, gripping his palms together very
“My expensive boy,” said Dipper kindly, “I cannot potentially assist you to keep at
university over the summer season. Definitely you need to head home for the
“No,” mentioned Riddle directly. “id a lot as a substitute keep at Hogwarts than go
again to that – to that -”
* 243*
“You are living in a Muggle orphanage for the duration of the holidays, I feel?” said
Dippet curiously.
“yes, sir,” said Riddle, reddening fairly.
“you might be Muggle-born?”
“half of-blood, sir,” mentioned Riddle. “Muggle father, witch mom.”
“And are both your parents -?”
“My mother died simply after I was once born, sir. They instructed me on the
orphanage she lived just lengthy adequate to name me – Tom after my
father, Marvolo after my grandfather.”
Dipper clucked his tongue sympathetically.
“the article is, Tom,” he sighed, “special preparations might have
been made for you, but in the present instances . . . .”
“You imply all these assaults, sir?” stated Riddle, and Harry’s heart
leapt, and he moved nearer, afraid of missing whatever.
“exactly,” said the headmaster. “My pricey boy, you must see how
foolish it might be of me to allow you to stay at the fortress when
term ends. Notably in mild of the up to date tragedy … The death of
that negative little lady …. You’re going to be safer by some distance at your orphanage. As
a topic of reality, the Ministry of Magic is even now speaking about
closing the tuition. We are no nearer locating the er – supply of all
this unpleasantness . . . .”
Riddle’s eyes had widened.
“Sir – if the person used to be caught – if it all stopped -”
“What do you imply?” mentioned Dippet with a squeak in his voice, sitting
up in his chair. “Riddle, do you imply you understand whatever about
these assaults?”
“No, sir,” mentioned Riddle speedily.
However Harry used to be definite it used to be the equal sort of “no” that he himself had
given Dumbledore.
Dippet sank back, watching faintly disillusioned.
“you can also go, Tom ……
Riddle slid off his chair and slouched out of the room. Harry
adopted him.
Down the moving spiral staircase they went, emerging subsequent to the
gargoyle within the darkening corridor. Riddle stopped, and so did
Harry, looking at him. Harry might inform that Riddle was once doing some
severe thinking. He used to be biting his lip, his brow furrowed.
Then, as if he had abruptly reached a choice, he hurried off,
Harry gliding noiselessly behind him. They failed to see an additional individual
unless they reached the entrance corridor, when a tall wizard with lengthy,
sweeping auburn hair and a beard called to Riddle from the marble
“What are you doing, wandering round this late, Tom?”
Harry gaped on the wizard. He used to be none rather then a fifty-yearyounger
“I had to see the headmaster, sir,” mentioned Riddle.
“well, hurry off to bed,” stated Dumbledore, giving Riddle exactly the
form of penetrating stare Harry knew so good. “great to not roam the
corridors at the moment. Now not considering that . . .”
He sighed heavily, bade Riddle good night time, and strode off. Riddle
watched him walk out of sight after which, moving rapidly, headed
straight down the stone steps to the dungeons, with Harry in hot
However to Harry’s disappointment, Riddle led him not into a hidden
passageway or a secret tunnel but to the very dungeon wherein
Harry had Potions with Snape. The torches hadn’t been lit, and when
Riddle pushed the door close to closed, Harry might only simply
*2 45 *
see him, standing stock-nonetheless via the door, staring at the passage outside.
It felt to Harry that they have been there for no less than an hour. All he might
see was once the determine of Riddle at the door, staring by means of the crack,
ready like a statue. And just when Harry had stopped feeling
expectant and disturbing and began wishing he could return to the present,
he heard some thing transfer beyond the door.
Someone used to be creeping alongside the passage. He heard whoever it was once
move the dungeon where he and Riddle had been hidden. Riddle, quiet as a
shadow, edged through the door and followed, Harry tiptoeing in the back of
him, forgetting that he couldn’t be heard.
For probably five minutes they followed the footsteps, until Riddle
stopped out of the blue, his head inclined in the course of latest noises.
Harry heard a door creak open, and then any person talking in a
hoarse whisper.
“C’mon … Gotta get yeh outta right here …. C’mon now … Within the field. . .”
There was some thing familiar about that voice ….
Riddle all of a sudden jumped across the nook. Harry stepped out in the back of
him. He would see the dark define of a large boy who was crouching
in front of an open door, an extraordinarily enormous box next to it.
“night, Rubeus,” stated Riddle sharply.
The boy slammed the door shut and stood up.
“What yer doin’ down right here, Tom?”
Riddle stepped closer.
“it is in every single place,” he stated. “i will have got to flip you in, Rubeus.
They are speakme about closing Hogwarts if the assaults don’t stop.”
four 6
“N” at d’yeh -”
“i don’t feel you intended to kill any individual. But monsters don’t make
just right pets. I consider you just let it out for pastime and -”
“It in no way killed no one!” said the colossal boy, backing in opposition to the
closed door. From in the back of him, Harry might hear a funny rustling and
“Come on, Rubeus,” mentioned Riddle, relocating yet closer. “The lifeless girl’s
mother and father will probably be right here the next day. The least Hogwarts can do is make
certain that the object that killed their daughter is slaughtered ……
“It wasn’t him!” roared the boy, his voice echoing in the dark
passage. “He wouldn’! He not ever!”
“Stand apart,” stated Riddle, drawing out his wand.
His spell lit the hall with a surprising flaming mild. The door in the back of
the colossal boy flew open with such drive it knocked him into the wall
opposite. And out of it came anything that made Harry let loose a
lengthy, piercing scream unheard with the aid of any person
A big, low-slung, hairy body and a tangle of black legs; a gleam of
many eyes and a pair of razor-sharp pincers – Riddle raised his
wand once more, but he was too late. The object bowled him over as it
scuttled away, tearing up the hall and out of sight. Riddle
scrambled to his ft, looking after it; he raised his wand, but the
huge boy leapt on him, seized his wand, and threw him backtrack,
yelling, “NO000000!”
The scene whirled, the darkness grew to become entire; Harry felt himself
falling and, with a crash, he landed unfold-eagled on his 4-poster
within the Gryffindor dormitory, Riddle’s diary mendacity open on his stomach.
*24 7*
earlier than he had had time to regain his breath, the dormitory door
opened and Ron came in.
“There you are,” he said.
Harry sat up. He was sweating and shaking.
“What’s up?” said Ron, watching at him with challenge.
“It was once Hagrid, Ron. Hagrid opened the Chamber of secrets fifty
years ago.”
Harry, Ron, and Hermione had perpetually recognized that Hagrid had an
unfortunate liking for large and mammoth creatures. During their first
yr at Hogwarts he had tried to raise a dragon in his little wood
condominium, and it will be a very long time earlier than they forgot the huge, threeheaded
dog he’d christened “Fluffy.” And if, as a boy, Hagrid had
heard that a monster was once hidden somewhere in the castle, Harry was once
sure he’d have gone to any lengths for a glimpse of it. He’d by and large
concept it was once a disgrace that the monster had been cooped up so
long, and concept it deserved the threat to stretch its many legs;
Harry might simply assume the 13-yr-historic Hagrid trying to match a
leash and collar on it. But he was once equally distinct that Hagrid would
not ever have meant to kill any person.
Harry half of wished he hadn’t learned the right way to work Riddle’s diary.
Time and again Ron and Hermione made him recount what
he’d visible, until he was once heartily ailing of telling them and ailing of the
long, circular conversations that adopted.
“Riddle might have received the unsuitable individual,” said Hermione. “perhaps it
used to be every other monster that was once attacking persons . . . .”
“what number of monsters d’you think this situation can preserve?” Ron asked
“We consistently knew Hagrid had been expelled,” mentioned Harry miserably.
“And the assaults ought to’ve stopped after Hagrid was once kicked out.
In any other case, Riddle would not have received his award.”
Ron tried a further tack.
“Riddle does sound like Percy – who asked him to squeal on Hagrid,
“but the monster had killed any person, Ron,” mentioned Hermione.
“And Riddle was going to return to a couple Muggle orphanage in the event that they
closed Hogwarts,” said Harry. “i do not blame him for looking to stay
here ……
“You met Hagrid down Knockturn Alley, did not you, Harry?”
“He was once shopping a Flesh-consuming Slug Repellent,” stated Harry rapidly.
The three of them fell silent. After a long pause, Hermione voiced the
knottiest question of all in a hesitant voice.
“Do you suppose we must go and ask Hagrid about it all?”
“That’d be a cheerful discuss with,” said Ron. “‘hello, Hagrid. Inform us, have
you been surroundings whatever mad and hairy unfastened in the castle as of late?”‘
subsequently, they made up our minds that they might no longer say some thing to Hagrid
until there used to be one other assault, and as more and more days went by
and not using a whisper from the disembodied voice, they grew to be
hopeful that they might certainly not ought to talk to him about why he had
been expelled. It was now just about 4 months given that Justin and just about
Headless Nick had been Petrified, and close to every body perceived to
think that the attacker, whoever it was once, had retired for good. Peeves
had finally got bored of his “Oh, Potter, you rotter” music, Ernie
Macmillan asked Harry really with politeness to pass a bucket of leaping
toadstools in Herbology one day, and in March several of the
Mandrakes threw a loud and raucous celebration in greenhouse three. This
made Professor Sprout very blissful.
“The moment they begin looking to move into each and every other’s pots, we are going to
comprehend they may be absolutely mature,” she told Harry. “Then we will be capable to
revive these terrible humans within the clinic wing.”
The 2nd years were given whatever new to believe about in the course of
their Easter vacation trips. The time had come to select their subjects for
the 0.33 year, a subject that Hermione, at least, took very seriously.
“it would affect our whole future,” she told Harry and Ron as they
pored over lists of latest topics, marking them with tests.
“I simply need to give up Potions,” said Harry.
“We can not,” mentioned Ron gloomily. “We hold all our historical topics, or i’d’ve
ditched protection in opposition to the darkish Arts.”
“however that is very main!” stated Hermione, bowled over.
“not the best way Lockhart teaches it,” said Ron. “i haven’t learned
whatever from him besides not to set pixies free.”
Neville Longbottom had been sent letters from all the witches and
wizards in his household, all giving him different advice on what to
decide upon. Pressured and worried, he sat studying the discipline lists with
his tongue poking out, asking individuals whether they inspiration Arithmancy
sounded extra difficult than the study of ancient Runes. Dean
Thomas, who, like Harry, had grown up with Muggles, ended up
closing his eyes and jabbing his wand on the list, then picking the
topics it landed on. Hermione took nobody’s recommendation but signed up for
Harry smiled grimly to himself on the thought of what Uncle Vernon
and Aunt Petunia would say if he tried to talk about his profession in
wizardry with them. Not that he didn’t get any steerage: Percy
Weasley used to be eager to share his expertise.
“depends the place you need to head, Harry,” he stated. “it’s by no means too early
to consider about the future, so identification suggest Divination. Folks say
Muggle reports is a soft option, but I in my opinion suppose wizards will have to
have an intensive working out of the non-magical neighborhood,
in particular if they’re considering of working in shut contact with them –
look at my father, he has to take care of Muggle trade all the time. My
brother Charlie was once at all times extra of an outdoor variety, so he went for
Care of Magical Creatures. Play to your strengths, Harry.”
but the only factor Harry felt he used to be really good at used to be Quidditch. In
the tip, he selected the identical new subjects as Ron, feeling that if he used to be
lousy at them, at the least he’d have any person friendly to aid him.
Gryffindor’s next Quidditch in shape could be in opposition to Hufflepuff. Wooden
used to be insisting on workforce practices every night time after dinner, in order that Harry
barely had time for whatever but Quidditch and homework. However,
the learning periods have been getting higher, or at the least
drier, and the night earlier than Saturday’s suit he went up to his
dormitory to drop off his broomstick feeling Gryffindor’s probabilities for
the Quidditch cup had by no means been higher.
however his cheerful mood didn’t final long. On the top of the steps to the
dormitory, he met Neville Longbottom, who used to be watching frantic.
“Harry – I do not know who did it – I simply located -”
staring at Harry fearfully, Neville pushed open the door.
The contents of Harry’s trunk had been thrown all over. His
cloak lay ripped on the floor. The bedclothes had been pulled off his
4-poster and the drawer had been pulled out of his bedside
cupboard, the contents strewn over the mattress.
Harry walked over to the mattress, open-mouthed, treading on just a few
unfastened pages of Travels with Trolls. As he and Neville pulled the
blankets back onto his mattress, Ron, Dean, and Seamus came in. Dean
swore loudly.
“What happened, Harry?”
“No thought,” said Harry. But Ron was once analyzing Harry’s robes. All of the
pockets were placing out.
“any one’s been looking for something,” said Ron. “Is there something
Harry began to pick up all his things and throw them into his trunk.
It used to be most effective as he threw the last of the Lockhart book (harry potter and the chamber of secrets audiobook online)s again into it
that he realized what wasn’t there.
“Riddle’s diary’s gone,” he said in an undertone to Ron.
Harry jerked his head towards the dormitory door and Ron followed
him out. They hurried all the way down to the Gryffindor common
room, which was half of-empty, and joined Hermione, who was sitting
alone, reading a publication referred to as historical Runes Made convenient.
Hermione looked aghast on the news.
“however – most effective a Gryffindor might have stolen – nobody else is aware of our
password -”
“exactly,” mentioned Harry.
They woke the next day to come to splendid sunshine and a gentle, fresh
“superb Quidditch stipulations!” stated timber enthusiastically at the
Gryffindor desk, loading the workforce’s plates with scrambled eggs.
“Harry, buck up there, you need a respectable breakfast.”
Harry had been staring down the packed Gryffindor table, wondering
if the new owner of Riddle’s diary was once right in front of his eyes.
Hermione had been urging him to file the robbery, however Harry did not
like the concept. He’d ought to tell a trainer all in regards to the diary, and how
many men and women knew why Hagrid had been expelled fifty years ago? He
did not wish to be the one who introduced all of it up once more.
As he left the exceptional corridor with Ron and Hermione to go and collect his
Quidditch things, another very critical worry used to be added to Harry’s
growing list. He had simply set foot on the marble staircase when he
heard it once more
“Kill this time … Let me rip … Tear. . .”
He shouted aloud and Ron and Hermione each jumped far from him
in alarm.
“The voice!” said Harry, -watching over his shoulder. “I simply heard it
once more – did not you?”
Ron shook his head, vast-eyed. Hermione, nevertheless, clapped a
hand to her forehead.
“Harry – I feel I’ve just understood whatever! I’ve obtained to head to the
and she or he sprinted away, up the stairs.
“What does she fully grasp?” stated Harry distractedly, nonetheless watching
round, seeking to tell where the voice had come from.
“hundreds greater than I do,” stated Ron, shaking his head.
“but why’s she obtained to move to the library?”
“on account that that’s what Hermione does,” mentioned Ron, shrugging. “When in
doubt, go to the library.”
Harry stood, irresolute, trying to capture the voice again, however humans
had been now emerging from the exceptional hall in the back of him, speakme loudly,
exiting through the front doors on their option to the Quidditch pitch.
“you’d higher get moving,” stated Ron. “it’s just about eleven – the healthy –

Harry raced up to Gryffindor Tower, accrued his Nimbus Two
Thousand, and joined the big crowd swarming across the grounds,
however his intellect was once still within the citadel along with the bodiless voice, and
as he pulled on his scarlet robes in the locker. Room, his most effective comfort
was once that every person was once now external to watch the sport.
The groups walked onto the subject to tumultuous applause. Oliver
timber took off for a heat-up flight around the goal posts; Madam
Hooch released the balls. The Hufflepuffs, who performed in canary
yellow, had been standing in a huddle, having a final-minute discussion of
Harry used to be just mounting his broom when Professor McGonagall
came half of marching, half of jogging across the pitch, carrying an
giant pink megaphone.
Harry’s coronary heart dropped like a stone.
“This healthy has been cancelled,” Professor McGonagall known as
through the megaphone, addressing the packed stadium. There were
boos and shouts. Oliver wooden, watching devastated, landed and ran
toward Professor McGonagall with out getting off his broomstick.
“however, Professor!” he shouted. “we have got to play – the cup
Gryffindor -”
Professor McGonagall unnoticed him and persevered to shout via her
“All scholars are to make their way again to the condo original
rooms, the place their Heads of houses will supply them additional
expertise. As speedily as which you can, please!”
Then she diminished the megaphone and beckoned Harry over to her.
“Potter, I believe you would higher include me ……
Questioning how she could very likely suspect him this time, Harry saw
Ron detach himself from the complaining crowd; he got here running up
to them as they set off toward the citadel. To Harry’s shock,
Professor McGonagall didn’t object.
“sure, possibly you’ll higher come, too, Weasley …..
One of the pupils swarming around them were grumbling about
the healthy being canceled; others appeared involved. Harry and Ron
followed Professor McGonagall back into the university and up the
marble staircase. But they weren’t taken to anybody’s administrative center this time.
“This will probably be just a little of a shock,” stated Professor McGonagall in a
exceedingly gentle voice as they approached the infirmary. “There has
been yet another assault … Another double attack.”
Harry’s insides did a horrible somersault. Professor McGonagall
pushed the door open and he and Ron entered. .
Madam Pomfrey used to be bending over a fifth-yr woman with lengthy, curly
hair. Harry famous her as the Ravenclaw they’d accidentally
requested for instructional materials to the Slytherin usual room. And on the bed
subsequent to her was once
“Hermione!” Ron groaned.
Hermione lay totally nonetheless, her eyes open and glassy.
“They had been found close the library,” stated Professor McGonagall. “I
don’t believe either of that you can provide an explanation for this? It was on the floor next
to them ……
She was once maintaining up a small, circular replicate.
Harry and Ron shook their heads, both gazing Hermione.
“i will escort you again to Gryffindor Tower,” stated Professor
McGonagall closely. “I must tackle the pupils in the end.
“All pupils will return to their condo customary rooms by way of six o’clock
in the evening. No pupil is to go away the dormitories after that time.
You’re going to be escorted to every lesson by means of a trainer. No scholar is to use
the bathroom unaccompanied with the aid of a teacher. All further Quidditch
coaching and suits are to be postponed. There will likely be no extra
evening pursuits.”
The Gryffindors packed within the long-established room listened to Professor
McGonagall in silence. She rolled up the parchment
from which she had been studying and stated in a somewhat choked
voice, “i want rarely add that i’ve hardly ever been so distressed. It’s
seemingly that the tuition will likely be closed except the offender in the back of these
assaults is caught. I’d urge someone who thinks they might be aware of
some thing about them to come forward.”
She climbed slightly awkwardly out of the portrait hole, and the
Gryffindors commenced speaking right away.
“that’s two Gryffindors down, now not counting a Gryffindor ghost, one
Ravenclaw, and one Hufflepuff, ” mentioned the Weasley twins’ friend Lee
Jordan, depending on his fingers. “have no of the teachers observed
that the Slytherins are all nontoxic? Isn’t it obvious all these things’s coming
from Slytherin? The heir of Slytherin, the monster of Slytherin – why
don’t they only chuck the entire Slytherins out?” he roared, to nods and
scattered applause.
Percy Weasley was sitting in a chair at the back of Lee, but for once he failed to
appear keen to make his views heard. He was once watching pale and surprised.
“Percy’s in shock,” George advised Harry quietly. “That Ravenclaw woman –
Penelope Clearwater – she’s a prefect. I do not feel he inspiration the
monster would dare assault a prefect.”
but Harry was once only 1/2-listening. He did not seem to be equipped to get rid
of the photo of Hermione, mendacity on the hospital mattress as if carved
out of stone. And if the perpetrator wasn’t caught quickly, he used to be looking at a
lifetime back with the Dursleys. Tom Riddle had turned Hagrid in
considering that he was once confronted with the possibility of a Muggle orphanage if the
institution closed. Harry now knew exactly how he had felt.
“What’re we going to do?” mentioned Ron quietly in Harry’s ear. “D’you
think they believe Hagrid?”
“we have now acquired to head and talk to him,” said Harry, making up his
mind. “I are not able to believe it’s him this time, but if he set the monster
loose last time he’ll comprehend easy methods to get throughout the Chamber of secrets,
and that’s a .”
“however McGonagall said we’ve got received to stay in our tower until we’re
in school -”
“I consider,” said Harry, extra quietly nonetheless, “it’s time to get my dad’s
old cloak out again.”
Harry had inherited) ust one thing from his father: an extended and sil
very Invisibility Cloak. It was once their best threat of sneaking out of
the institution to discuss with Hagrid without someone understanding about it. They
went to bed at the traditional time, waited unless Neville, Dean, and Sea
mus had stopped discussing the Chamber of secrets and techniques and subsequently
fallen asleep, then bought up, dressed again, and threw the cloak over